Fresh Perspectives on Sustainable Living

Sustainable Food Blogs

Bloggers have a unique voice and can offer a fresh perspective on sustainability. Whether you’re a vegan food writer or an environmentalist, your blog can help promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

Addie’s blog breaks down sustainable living tips into small, achievable changes. For instance, she explains that “perfectionism is not sustainable.” She also emphasizes the importance of minimalism and reducing waste.


GreenBiz is a media company that advances opportunities at the intersection of business, technology and sustainability through its websites, events, peer-to-peer network and research. It has been chronicling and advancing the evolution of sustainability-related initiatives and practices since 1991.

The company’s events convene the brightest minds in sustainability, technology and business from the world’s largest companies, tech startups, utilities and cities. They feature strong, forward-looking content with high-wattage stage presentations and unsurpassed networking opportunities.

GreenBiz Group is a great place to work for, according to its employees. 11 participants graded the company’s leadership an A, and the majority believe that their department KPIs and OKRs are clear. In addition, GreenBiz Group offers an excellent benefits package. The company also has an above-average pay-to-performance ratio. It is based in Oakland, California.

Wasteland Rebel

Like Eco Warrior Princess, Wasteland Rebel is another one of those zero waste living blogs that has outgrown its initial one-woman (or man) wonder and now has a team to keep churning out new content. She’s also a great resource for people in rural areas where bulk stores and other zero waste resources aren’t as easy to come by.

The Wasteland Rebel skin for CS2 is perfect for gamers who prefer a post-apocalyptic visual style and offers a distinct, weathered look that will add an extra layer of character to your game. While the skin doesn’t influence any gameplay mechanics, it can help to immerse you even further into the game.

The Edgy Veg

With a massive following on her YouTube channel, Candice Hutchings the Edgy Veg is on a mission to revolutionize vegan food. This Canadian blogger, animal activist and chef uses her cooking skills to create recipes that are vegan-friendly, tasty and nutritious. Her YouTube videos and cookbooks are a great resource for anyone who wants to try a plant-based diet.

The latest release in her collection of cookbooks, The Edgy Veg Cookbook offers readers easy to follow recipes that are a mix of classics and new dishes that help reduce their carbon footprint. Whether you are a practicing vegan or a long-time meat lover, this cookbook will give you the tools to make the most of your pantry and produce garden.

The book features 138 mouth-watering recipes that are sure to satisfy even the most ravenous cravings. Tempt your taste buds with appetizers like Buffalo Cauliflower Hot Wings and Montreal Famous Poutine, main dishes such as In Search of General Tso’s Chicken and Half Baked Mac and Cheese, and desserts including Thank You Very Matcha Ice Cream.

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